MailWraps® Magnetic Mailbox Covers

Decorate your mailbox for every occasion with these all-weather, fade resistant, and reusable Mailwraps® by Studio∙M.  The artwork is created by American artists and produced on all-weather vinyl which is precut to accommodate latches and flag locations on mailboxes.  The magnetic mailbox covers fit standard size 19” x 6.5” mailboxes, and magnetic strips hold it securely in place. Magnetic strips are also available for plastic mailboxes.


Seasonal artwork or everyday designs are available with cardinals, chickadees, and winter birdhouses, for example. Christmas designs are also available. You will enjoy the decorative designs and the easy installation.     





 The World’s Coolest Rain Gauge

Here’s a functional yet decorative product whose name says it all: The World’s Coolest Rain Gauge. It is a new twist on a classic device, made in the USA for a lifetime of durability.  This rain gauge is unlike any other and designed to be the only gauge you’ll ever need to buy.  It is not flimsy but made from steel and copper for durability and beauty and an unbreakable polycarbonate tube which fits inside and is not seen until it rains. This attractive all-season garden ornament is easy to use and fun to read.  The copper water collection flute fits in a powdered coated, rust-resistant steel stand and, when empty, appears like a copper garden accent.  But when it rains, a foam float inside the blue unbreakable tube causes it to rise to reveal the amount of rain measured.      

The World’s Coolest Rain Gauge is practical, fun, and very cool.  Two styles are available, one on a stake that installs easily in the ground, or one in an attractive spiral holder that sits on a surface.    

    See our selections of wall décor such as suns, butterflies, and dragonflies, to add interest indoors or outdoors. Enhance a deck, patio, or garden wall with a quality piece of garden décor. The metal suns, butterflies, and dragonflies are finished with weather resistant paints to ensure long lasting use.  Several styles are available from very large to small with interesting textures, colors, and faces.


Two styles of door décor are available at Plantscape to hang on doors and decorate entryways, providing a warm welcome to all.  New from Studio•m are durable, lightweight Door Décor with vibrant colors and fade resistant inks. The dimensional designs are perfect for seasonal displays for spring, summer, fall or winter.

  Warm Welcome Door Décor by Evergreen Enterprises is also available in colorful designs with textured material such as burlap, felt, and linen.  Choose a new alternative to door wreaths and decorate for different seasons.


A Warm Welcome with Door Decor


Wall Décor Outdoor or Indoor

Plantscape's Picks

    Looking for a great new product or a great plant that is underused?  We have suggestions for plants and products that we think you would enjoy in your garden or landscape. Come see us for more information!

Improve indoor air quality by growing houseplants and tropicals indoors.  We offer a large selection of healthy plants for indoors in homes or offices. Selections include Aglaonema (Chinese Evergreen), Peace lily, ZZ Plant, Sansevieria (Mother-in-law Tongue or Snake Plant), Pothos, Philodendron, Prayer plant, Asparagus fern, Rubber Tree, Citrus (lemons, limes), Fig trees,  Palms, Split-leaf philodendrons, Aloe, succulents, and many more are available at Plantscape.  Create a comfortable atmosphere in your home or office and improve your health while enjoying the look of healthy green plants.  We stock the best plants for easy care and low to medium light requirements so these will do well indoors.  

Sassafras® Switch Mats

    Now you can easily change your floor mat designs as often as you like, for holidays or everyday, with Sassafras® Switch Mats by Evergreen Enterprises.   These mats offer an economical way to have different designs for fall, Christmas, spring, summer and beyond, for year-round seasonal flexibility.  The 2-piece mat consists of a black durable surround frame with a textured design that holds a cushioned floor mat insert that's easily changed out for seasons or special occasions. Our display holds many styles for fall, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and winter, as well as colorful general styles like home, family, welcome, birds, and more.  Purchase one surround mat and as many inserts as you like!

    The inserts can also be used by themselves and are sized to fit on stair treads.  They are inexpensive so you can buy several to create a welcoming entrance to your home, garden, deck, or use indoors.  


Cardinals and Cubs Merchandise

    For the Cub and Cardinal fans we offer licensed baseball décor for your home and garden.  New standard size and smaller garden size flags are available as well as coordinating embossed floormats and outdoor coir mats.  Corrugated metal wall art for Cubs and Cardinals is also available and new Door Décor, pennant wind spinners, and glass ball ornaments and team locker ornaments will show your support for your favorite team.  Great gift idea too!


Art Poles™

The Lyric Project Poles    

Studio∙m has introduced a new line of Art Poles™ called the Lyric Project.  These designs bring music and art together by combining lyrics by Lennon & McCartney with unique bold artwork by Stephanie Burgess.  Lennon-McCartney lyrics on the Art Poles include Blackbird Fly into the Light of the Dark Black Night, Strawberry Fields Forever, In My Life, Good Day Sunshine, and Love Is All You Need and more. Each piece will bring brightness, life, and nostalgia to your garden space.



All Art Poles are distinctive reproductions of a cedar post, wood-burned and painted by the artist. They are vivid, fade resistant artwork on long lasting maintenance-free PVC with a metal cap.  Installation is easy – no digging is required and all hardware is included with each pole, either a wicket or an auger, depending on the size of the Art Pole.    They are available in 20” and 48” poles and made in the USA.


Other styles of Art Poles™ are also available including patriotic, seasonal, holiday, cat and dog, memorial, and more. Also see the Art Pavers™, Art Planks™, and Art Planters™ from Studio∙m with the same beautiful artwork.